Don't Take Our Filth Away

by Duck. Little Brother, Duck!

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released July 5, 2012

Phil Cleary: Drums
Jon Scheid: Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Souder: Bass
Kyle Parisi: Guitar/Vocals
The Homies: Some stuff



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Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: 732 Seconds
Before the engines went out I thought this could never happen to me.
A cradle between wings in tow of circumstance,
On a slow and dizzy dance into the sea.
Morning newspaper print on a lonely 12 minute dive.
Beware of what you put your trust in.
Track Name: Everybody Loves Screamo
Secrets for secrets, interdependence day.
Brittle bridges connect the dots.
You're so famous for being famous.
I proof read the wish list and now I'm going to town with yellow highlighter. C-4, Santa Clause, Boom.
From this tower spilling syllables,
I don't really want to talk about it.
Going up the same stairs every night, laying in the same bed.
I am the cookie and you are the mouse.
I'll make noises sound like words and muddy images look like your photo's and you'll eat it up.
You're the frosting and I am the cake.
Track Name: If I Didn't Have My Press Badge...
Kyle: Don't tell me that you found another feeling that you belong when you obviously don't.

Jon: We are the sparks between two rocks sneaking past suburban cops. Deep burning drunk on little flames we lit and hormonal static. We walk with our hoods up in the cold and all those pills made us invisible. Someone screamed my name from an escalade. Hormones wash in and take you away.

Kyle: THe highway lines you trace ,your jugular, the veins that take you places and take you away.
Track Name: ... I Would Have Been Deported
It all comes down to the smile of the receptionist and the brand new paper sheets. MY hand wrapped in towels I'm alone with my thoughts, "I fucked up this time". Cleansing bath of chemicals. The ventilators sing along with the radio but I cant make out the words.
Track Name: OMGMT
I live in a black hole inside your head.
In the fold of the urban sprawl and the low income bracket.
The smaller you get the bigger I grow.
Our rooms are filled with leaves obsolete and crunching underfoot screaming for new growth.
I have been by your side this whole time, are you ready?

Engine down at 30,000 feet.
The gears chew us up and spit us out.

Church slogans and fireworks.
If we own nothing, we'll leave nothing behind.

I lost my nerve at the county fair.
I've met earthworms behind the curtains and beneath the cushions.

Soft dirt, fresh air, streamers everywhere.
This is what we've been waiting to celebrate.
So lie down in the grass.
Let the veins of the state take you in.
I am terrified of what happens next.

The dull florescent lights of an empty phone booth reflect off the train and disappear again.
And all the accidents that lay in wait as you walk by, its friday night.
We all trade places and bend to each other needs.
What racket that we make.
The cops taped off the block, looks like we'll have to go around.
If the party has to stop don't take our filth away.
In a passing thought.
Track Name: Flashes of Quincy
Oh baby yea, I love you so much.
With you by my side and my shotgun and my dog.
Get in the truck baby and we'll go for a country drive.

Lets go to that wholesome American bar where true values still exist.
Freedom, hard work, and the eagle spreads its wings.
Baby, you know i will kick anyones ass.
Whenever i feel like it.
Because I love you. x465,500
Track Name: I'm Just Happy To Be Around So Many Docks
All those houses were developed and placed in nice and neat little rows and holding secrets.
Half a bottle stuffed in your bag, you told my parents, "we all miss our friend" and snuck it passed them.
Well cheers, I'm gonna miss you.

I don't know people in this town to fill up the spaces you left.

Jon: What will our neighbors think of our children, take one every five hours and fall asleep.

Kyle: What will our parents do to our freedom.

I know shit is getting you down, fill in the many holes that are left.
Eyes roll we were following asphalt in the shade of sleep.
We were haunting our city streets.
And bribed.

Snatch it up before its gone because when its gone its gone. All alone with an empty sky and the boring sun that it held. The rivers drunk, that feeling that i'm missing out, dropping out. Your neighborhood the place where i spent days in hiding. He would've liked the feeling that we made it out of this town alive.

You'll be left all alone.

Tight lipped christian bred names, badges kept at our sides, standards. Falling into the wicked roles we made. Disguised we socialize till we are one and the same.
Track Name: Calvin Young
Claustrophobic in tiny tin cans hurtling towards nothing through naked Kansas, like flies on an empty place.
When the colors burst above reaching structures and showered us in light we got in on camera. And made all the miles between home and here automatically disappear.
The fireflies fight for a role in our film about all us insects buzzing through anthills.

The Chandelier drips water from the bathroom above,
murky tile, go back to sleep.
We go town to town dressed in disguise.
No one really knows us.
We are far from home forgetting what our own beds feel like.
I call the couch.

Those bleak unclear back alley's of our culture get us nowhere.
It's time we just simply jangle on.
Farm land, city life, at least half of it is nothing, can someone tell me which half is which, oh never mind.
I found solace in the early morning midwest.
But its time to leave so get back in the car.
Track Name: JYRNX
Safe at last.
My pillow in the tangled knots of an unmade bed.
Fully dressed and haphazard.
The ceilings poised and stares right back.
It begins to bend in on top of me.
The morning flurry blurs into my walls.
Alert fevers that slip away.

What a mess that i've made without even trying.
Wild days, balance beams, I carry them alone.
Sickness and quiet games in flux.
Thin skinned, thick skinned.

Sink into sleep, sweat out pipe dreams.
Track Name: Anarchy Will Make You Pay Five Dollars At The Door
What are you gonna do now that everything familiar is gone?
How will you pass the time?
Drive along the coast, get a hotel by the beach and smoke the last of what we have.

Up close and a little personal, everybody stumbles in to hear the music.
Polk marked zombies parade the streets, we all shake hands with sharpened teeth.

Building new walls out of old ones, you should swallow all your words and see the bottle they stuffed us in.
Watch us roll around the bedroom floor.

My hands are tired and without fail we're getting sick, difficult and stale.
Unable to get along.

All our dreams come true.
Guaranteed to make the news.
The greatest T.V. event ever.
No one thought to warn us all about ourselves.
All our dreams come true.