Survival Is Not A Workout

by Duck. Little Brother, Duck!

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released May 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Courtney Taylor Taylor (How Sexy Is Your Soul?)
I'll eat your scene, swallow your clothes,
Expose your soul, or what you think is your soul.

This is real life.
You know that I spin the ferris wheel in this fucking town?
You better fucking dance to this.
This parts for dancing, you better fucking dance to this.

In a bright and holy smoke, huddled over a guitar,
Heavenly reverb grew like napalm fire (blowing over everyone).

How sexy is your soul?
I've got the sexiest of souls.

You'll lick my fists clean when i conquer this city.
And if I fade out i'm taking you all with me.
Track Name: Steve Jobs (All Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed)
The words went on and on in dizzy messy slur,
Covering all the bases, defending everyone.
And when the helicopters blew the curtains wide we had gotten so close that there was no way of telling us apart.

You find it beaten bruised in tears on every basement floor and you keep trying to pick it you, you keep trying to dust it off.
Headlights stab at the ceiling, my ear against your chest in an empty living room where we went wild, crying the image off.

The blame rests in your hands.
Where were we this time last year?

Following bloody kitchen tile to the chaos foaming the streets tonight.
Tiny singing knives.
Naked, standing in the doorway, in the dull light, she's whispering to me, "don't lose your name".

Whats mine is mine.
You lost the plot talking shit.
Things you wont remember.
IS this it?
This better not be it.
You fooled the room.
Things we wont forget.
Eat right, sleep right, learn to be alone.
All alone. So alone.
Track Name: Marty Anderson (Guitar Hero Material)
How did I get here? who knows.
On crowded streets i just fade away.
Fire place, smoke stack, winter.
Smells like wet cement, I'm empty.

It wont be long before I'm gone.
Because I am done trying, I'm done.
Riding the crest of the wave of another senseless trend.

Life is forever,
Loves like Jenga,
This song begins and ends just like the one before, it doesn't take long before everything explodes
Track Name: Glenn Beck (Baby Blood Theft)